Molly Lemmons is a storyteller, author, and artist, and has been listening to stories all of her life. She continues that family tradition by sharing stories and adding her own unique perspective with humor and heart.

 Many of the stories she tells are taken from her book, Kind of Heart released in 2000. The book is filled with nostalgic tales about growing up during the 1940's and 1950's. She tells them unashamedly from her soul, sharing with her listeners the joys, sorrows, and humor of growing up in a large family during a time when things were as they should be.

 Molly was herself one of those spunky Oklahoma children who were known as “Judy’s Kids.” Their drive, passion and vision leave an important legacy about what working together to achieve a common goal can mean.
"I remember sitting in the audience at the Municipal Auditorium (Aka Civic Center Music Hall) while at a school wide concert, and the emcee announcing: "Boys and Girls, you have bought an elephant for the Oklahoma City Zoo."  The entire audience of elementary school children jumped to their feet and screamed and hollered to the top of their lungs.  I was one of these children."

Her published works include Kind of Heart, The Passing of Paradise, As Bright and as Pure as the Driven Snow, Seize the Flashbacks!, We are Invisible, and Hold my Hand, my Precious Child.
 "In the winter season of my heart, my thoughts return to home and family; the glowing warmth of the fireplace,  chatter around the kitchen table, and the priceless memories of lives well loved." Her stories will tug at your heartstrings and encourage you to celebrate God, families, and life.

 Molly's love of cats, no matter what size they are is evident in the stories she tells and in the books that she writes.



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