History of Judy (OKC)

"The first elephant in the Oklahoma City Zoo arrived in the 1920’s.  Luna was very popular with children across the state. When she died, everyone was so saddened that the dream to find another elephant was born.

In working together, Oklahoma’s children were able to get a new elephant for the zoo. One day in May 1949, vast crowds and a huge parade escorted a young Indian elephant to her new home.  The estimated cost to bring a new elephant to the zoo had had been over $3,000 and the children had gone well past that goal. 

“Judy” amazed and delighted visitors for decades and finally died of cancer in October 1997.  Later that year, because of the important place Judy had held in the community, the zoo added two Asian elephants.  They were part of the Oklahoma City Zoo’s ongoing species survival program. 

Due to loss of their natural habitats and poaching, Asian elephants are endangered animals.  Efforts, such as the program at the Oklahoma City Zoo, helped insure that these wonderful animals remained around for future generations to love.

Judy – symbol of what a dream, teamwork and determination can accomplish – will live long in Oklahoma history and in the imaginations of children everywhere. "

---Elephant Hips Are Expensive

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